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Thrash Steady

KOBRA XI/SIKA "split" 7" (Thrash Steady) Import

S.I.K.A. from Slovakia play old-school thrash hardcore and Kobra XI fast grind-influenced HC. Import
KOBRA XI/SIKA "split" 7" (Thrash Steady) Import $3.99


No Way

LIFE TRAP "Solitary Confinement" 7" (No Way)

Life Trap return for another swift kick to the head with 8 songs of punishing HC/PUNK not unlike their 1st ep and demo. No song over a minute and a...
LIFE TRAP "Solitary Confinement" 7" (No Way) $3.99


Self Released

LIKE WOLVES "S/T" 7" (Self-Released)

Sick song structures. Manic vocals. 4 songs. Hardcore from Buffalo, NY.
LIKE WOLVES "S/T" 7" (Self-Released) $3.99



LIKE WOLVES/OAK & BONE "Split" 7" (Barbarossa)

Two of upstate New York's best and brightest collide on this split, starting with Like Wolves, who play mid-tempo, chaotic hardcore in the vein of...
LIKE WOLVES/OAK & BONE "Split" 7" (Barbarossa) $5.99



LOAD "Pastors Day" 7" Green Vinyl

LOAD were a Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Grunge, Noise band from Miami. Active during the 1990's. This is THE classic LOAD Ep. Limited Green Vinyl. Out Of...
LOAD "Pastors Day" 7" Green Vinyl $4.99


Strandad Sjobuse

LOCAL OAFS/MUSIC-NINJA "Split" 7" (Strandad Sjobuse) Import

Local Oafs cram 9 songs of garage punk on their side. Music/Ninja are more rockin punk with a twang. 3 songs on that side. Swedish. Cool artwork with...
LOCAL OAFS/MUSIC-NINJA "Split" 7" (Strandad Sjobuse) Import $3.99


Sorry State

LOGIC PROBLEM "S/T" 7" (Sorry State)

Following up their well-received 2007 demo, the debut EP from North Carolina's Logic Problem is like a split 7" between two sides of the band. The...
LOGIC PROBLEM "S/T" 7" (Sorry State) $3.99


Deep Six

LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product #3" 7" (Deep Six)

This third output from Low Threat Profile features Infest's Matt Domino not only playing guitar and bass but doing all of the vocals as well, with...
LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product #3" 7" (Deep Six) $4.99



MAKO "S/T" 7" (Komarov)

Debut release from Oklahoma natives MAKO featuring six songs of abrasive, technical hardcore encompassed in the spirit of 90's emo punk.
MAKO "S/T" 7" (Komarov) $3.99


Sorry State

MANIPULATION "2nd" 7" (Sorry State) Download

After a crushing debut EP on Fashionable Idiots, Chicago's Manipulation (who feature members of Chronic Seizure, Pedestrians, Civic Progress, and...
MANIPULATION "2nd" 7" (Sorry State) Download $4.99


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